Our Story

Cookies from Mrs. Barry’s Kona Cookies in Kona, Hawaii, are the cookies of choice for Kona Locals and Kona Visitors.

Mrs. Barry’s Award Winning Kona Cookies began winning awards more than 30 years ago for the Best Cookies at the Hawaii Macadamia Nut Festival cookie contest.

Then came the little cookie shop in Kona Village. And the selection of cookies expanded. And people came. And made Mrs. Barry’s Kona Cookies a must-visit on the Big Island of Hawaii.┬áNeeding more space, Mrs. Barry’s Kona Cookies moved to Kaloko near the Kona Airport to make it easy for everyone to get their favorite Kona Cookies… and one last chance to pick up the best cookies in the world before they left Hawaii.

Now you can get Mrs. Barry’s Kona Cookies any time, on this website.┬áMrs. Barry’s Kona Cookies is now shipping worldwide.